These cannabinoids are unique chemical compounds that activate cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2) in the body. The 85 cannabinoids can be present in the plant in an endless combination of concentrations depending on the strain.  It is impossible to decipher cannabinoid concentrations by the appearance of the plant (either visually or by smell). Labs that test for cannabinoid currently only monitor between one to six cannabinoids (many labs will test only for THC).  Many studies have shown cannabinoids work synergistically.  To date limited basic research has been completed on cannabis.  Many strains are sold to consumers under the same name, but actually contain very different cannabinoid profiles.

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Most recreational cannabis is high in a specific cannabinoid THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol),a psychedelic cannabinoid, which gives the recreational user a feeling of euphoria.  Additionally, many of the high THC strains have been genetically selected against other medicinally relevant cannabinoids and so the cannabinoids of possible medical utility may not even be present in certain high THC strains. For example, many of the non-psychedelic cannabinoids (ie. CBD, CBDV) are the cannabinoids shown to have medical uses.  Verda Bio is focused on selecting strains that analytically test low in THC and high in other therapeutic cannabinoids.

By combining analytical chemistry, technology, and genomic data, Verda Bio will be able to control for the variability in many marijuana strains and create CBT (cannabinoid based therapeutics) products that selectively and consistently meet the needs of specific patient populations.

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