We begin by performing research on the variation found in medical cannabis strains.   Frighteningly, the scientific community knows more about the rabbit, cow and rice genomes then we do about the cannabis genome.  Utilizing next-generation sequencing, Verda Bio is building a database of genomic variation.  Working with our partners Verda Bio is building a chemical database focusing on an analysis of active cannabinoids in medicinal products.  Currently, most labs focus on less then 1% of the potential active ingredients in marijuana.

Researchers know that medical cannabis patients report variation between medicinal products.  By preforming DNA sequencing on a variety of cannabis plants and comparing the DNA sequence to expanded cannabinoid profiles of strains, Verda will be able to build individual CBT products that address specific symptoms or disease states.  Clinical research is a critical step in Verda’s CBT product development; where clinicians will test Verda Bio’s CBT products in multiple models to confirm safety and efficacy.  CBT products should be based on sound scientific research with the end goal of building a consistent product that patients with a variety of diseases can utilize.

Disease vs. Strain: Different diseases may require different cannabinoid receptor activation events.  We can not expect a single strain of cannabis to work for every disease.   By understanding the source of the cannabinoid variation and mechanism of action, we can begin to tailor medicinal cannabis to better meet the needs of patients.  Researchers need clinical products that have been clinically validated and physicians and patients need access to standardized cannabis strains.

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