At Verda Bio, we are performing research on CBTs using the latest scientific technology to perform genomic, analytical, and clinical research on CBTs. 

The cannabis plant is a heterogeneous plant comprising three (3) different species and a seemingly endless number of strains (variants of the plant).  Verda Bio is deciphering the building blocks of the cannabis genome by performing DNA analysis of multiple cannabis strains.  Frighteningly, scientist know very little about the cannabis genome.  In fact, we know more about the rabbit, hamster, and cow genomes then we do about the cannabis genome.

Verda Bio uses analytical chemistry analysis to track the compounds and proteins produced by various strains of the cannabis plant, which produces over 85 cannabinoids.  Cannabinoids are unique chemical compounds that activate cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2) in the human body. Cannabinoids have been shown to modulate neurotransmission and the endocannabinoid system, reduce inflammation, control ion-channels, induce apoptosis of cancer cells, inhibit angiogenesis, regulate cell cycle genes, and affect oxidative stress. The 85 known cannabinoids can be present in the plant in endless combinations and concentrations depending on the strain. It is virtually impossible to decipher cannabinoid concentrations by appearance of the plant and most testing labs currently only monitor a handful of cannabinoids (primarily THC).

Patients do not know the cannabinoid profile of their cannabis products and clinicians cannot establish clinical protocols on a non-standardized product.    In fact, one recent clinical trial highlighted the problem

“Although the daily dose of the cannabis was constant, the patients who entered the study used different cannabis species with different concentrations of the main cannabinoid that came from different cannabis farms. This could influence the effects of the treatment and the side effects but is part of the daily practice of the medicinal use of cannabis.”

At Verda Bio, genomic and analytical data will serve as the backbone for CBT development. By combining analytical chemistry, technology, and genomic data, Verda Bio will be able to control for the variability in many cannabis strains and create CBTs (cannabinoid based therapeutics) that selectively and consistently meet the needs of specific patient populations.

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